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International Primary Curriculum

every month in different theme in life such as jobs, animals, colors, plants, four season and so on.

It's authentic


Hello Talk

Give more chance students to speak out aloud using their own mouth.

Enhance the speaking of English for young learners

It's awesome

Multi sensory

Multi-Sensory program

learning language through five senses such as taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound

It's sensible

Egnlish egg

Multimedia program

Learning the basic of English as interactively answering to the question 

focused on phonics, alphabet and words

most liked.

It's interesting.


Yoga class

Make mind peaceful and know about yourself and movement of your body

It's fun

Activity art

Make an art in class

drawing, craft and origami

It's creative 



Chanting song

with a story and movement

It's exciting


Play a drama

being an actor and actress

in the story of book.

They can improve not only their spoken skills but also their confidence

It's excellent


Learning English Songs according to the theme

calculator (2).png


Numbers, counting,

plus and minus

It's smart



Balancing, hula hoop, jumping rope and various games

It's great

Field trip

Let's go out and find out what we've learned, and experience the world with  your own eyes.

It's amazing

Extra class

Intensive class for English, Chinese and Korean

improve and practice their mother tongue and further development of another language

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